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Z90 RDM - Mast Extension


  • Stylish anodized aluminum construction

  • Waterproof design keeps mast and mast free from water

  • Suitable for sails with a 0-degree arranged pulley

  • Suitable for sails with a 90-degree arranged pulley

  • Fast trimming with loop technology

  • Effortless trimming with 6x deflection

  • Easily adjustable collar

  • Trimming to the nearest centimetre

  • Minimum extension only 5cm (like Nullbase)

  • Scala with marking option for all your sail sizes

  • Premium Marlow Formula 3.8mm lines

  • Z90 - A190 with an adjustment range of 5 to 19 cm
  • Z90 - A380 with an adjustment range of 5 - 38cm

What makes the Z90 special?

The Z90 mast extension has a special patented height adjustment system. The pipe is not pierced, which means that a watertight construction is possible. The Z90 is designed in such a way that neither the extension tube nor the mast itself can fill up. This lowers the starting weight of your rig by several kilos! Not only the tube, but also the trimming foot of the extension is made of anodized aluminum, which means that the Z90 - A380 version is only approx. 525 grams. The trim foot has a unique design so that both sails with a 0° and 90° pulley arrangement can be trimmed using the quick loop or the energy-saving 6x deflection technique. The trim foot has an additional eye so that the sail can be secured to counteract a loss in the event of a mast breakage when using the loop technique. So that the correct length setting of the mast extension can always be set, the mast extension has markings that can be colored along the length scale. To do this, simply make a color mark that matches the sail at the appropriate length setting.


90° loop

Fast trimming with 90° rotated pulley


90° -  6x power transmission

Effort-saving trim with 90° turned pulley

0° - Loop

Fast trimming with 0° pulley arrangement


0° - 6x power transmission

Effort-saving trim with 0° pulley arrangement

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