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211+ BASE

211+ bases

All advantages like 211 Base but:

  • With detachable M10 Europin (V4A / S316)

  • With detachable special M10/M9 bolt (V4A / S316)

  • With R3 joint M10-M10

  • With special M9/M6 double sliding block (V4A /S316)

  • Without gluing, completely dismountable

  • Easy replacement of the rubber joint

  • With a significantly stronger M9 bolt

What's new?

Simply put, the 211+ Base is a Modified 211 Base that has been optimized for maintenance and durability. Until now, both the Europin and the bolt were connected to the rubber joint using a thread-locking adhesive. If you wanted to replace the joint, this was not so easy due to the glued connection, but sometimes it can also happen that the glued connection comes loose unintentionally!


This is now over due to the newly designed Europin with attached perforated washer. Turning back is simply but securely prevented by means of a screw connection. The same applies to the special one-piece M10/M9 bolt, which is positively connected to the base. Turning back is also prevented here by means of a screw connection to the rubber joint.

Furthermore, the wish for increased stability of the M8 bolt was heard. An M9 bolt is used here instead of an M10 so that it can be used without modifying the approx. 9.3mm wide mast rail. This offers a cross section of approx. 47mm², for comparison an M8 has a cross section area of only approx. 36mm². The stability is therefore significantly increased. Matching this, there are now also double sliding blocks with M9/M6.

Design concept

The 211 base was designed from the start in such a way that it works in the cheaper glued version as well as in the higher quality screwed version. All plastic parts therefore work for the 211 Base as well as for the 211+ Base. Converting the 211 base to the 211+ base would be e.g. B. possible in the case of a joint change.


The installation of the 211+ Base works exactly like the 211 Base. The only difference here is that an M9/M6 sliding block is used instead of the M8/M6 sliding block.


1. Insert and position the double sliding block in the mast rail.
(Several sliding blocks can be fixed in the mast rail)


2. Place the washer over the free thread of the double sliding block

3. Screwing the mast base into the free thread of the double sliding block. Make sure the holes are centered over the mast rail.


4. Attaching the fuse cover.
The locking pins prevent the cover from detaching from the base.

The uninstallation runs in reverse order. To loosen the fuse cover, put your fingers in the mast rail under the cover and loosen the cover with a rocking motion.

The 211 Base can also be used like any other 1-bolt mast base. To do this, simply guide the sliding block into the mast rail and turn the mast foot until it is tight. In this case, fixing the grub screw and the cover could be dispensed with. The weight of the 211 base is then less than 230 g and offers easier adjustment if you are unsure about the optimal setup. However, such a use is accompanied by the aforementioned disadvantages of every 1-bolt mast foot!

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