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S316 (V4A) screw for Powerbox and Tuttlebox systems.

TX30 screw drive (Torx or hexalobular socket).


Screws with a TX30 drive are also available for the ATW277 system and for the foot straps. A TX30 screwdriver can also be used for 5 mm Allen screws. Such screws are usually installed in the batten tensioners of a sail. A TX30 screwdriver is sufficient to operate the screws mentioned above.


The Torx drive offers better power transmission than the Phillips drive (cross), so that the screws can be tightened securely without strong pressure and with significantly less abrasion of the drive.


1x Ø6x 40mm TX30 drive (Torx / hexalobular)

1x Ø6x 50mm TX30 drive (Torx / hexalobular)

1x Ø6x 60mm TX30 drive (Torx / hexalobular)

1x Ø6x 70mm TX30 drive (Torx / hexalobular)

1x Ø6x 80mm TX30 drive (Torx / hexalobular)

Screw - Powerbox / Tuttlebox (TX30)

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