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Currently not available in the M10/M8 version. Expected to be available from early August.

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The S4LT R3 (Rope-Reinforced Rubber - Joint) mast foot rubber joint features an Aramid (Kevlar) safety line running through the core. The breaking load of the aramid tendon is around 200 kg.

The R3 joint has an M10 and M8 thread. The dimensions correspond to those of the rubber joints previously available on the market. The R3 joint is therefore compatible with previous systems and is installed as standard in the S4LT 211 base.

Available in:
M10 / M8
M10 / M10

A notice:
The 211 Base only works with an R3-Joint M10/M8 rubber joint! Conventional rubber joints do not work due to the missing screw holes at the head of the rubber joint.

S4LT R3- Joint mast foot- rubber joint M10 / M8

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