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Foot strap screws with resilient Torx drive TX30
Screws and washers for 4 pieces foot straps. 

Length adjustment with washers 30-35 mm.

Scope of delivery:

8 pieces S316  (V4A) screws 6x35mm, TX30 drive (Torx / hexalobular socket)

24 pieces of washers
(The ATW shown are for illustration only and are not included in the scope of delivery!)

Why 30 - 35mm now?
The strength of the foot straps as well as that of the deck pads and anti-twist washer varies from model to model! If the screw is too short or too long, there is an increased risk of tearing out! This applies both during tightening and during use! So that the optimum anchoring depth can be selected, the screws supplied here are a little longer than usual. The supplied washers are used to optimally adjust the screw length.


(The length of the standard screws is 28-32mm).

Please note the "TRS-35" instructions, see under Products.

8 pcs TRS-35 foot strap screws TX30

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